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The world is filled with mystery, treasure and monsters! Any boy's dream come true, especially for our hero, Marco. Ever since his fateful meeting as a child, he swore to make it to the End of the World and find the Rainbow Egg. Nothing can stop Marco and his friends from undertaking this journey of a lifetime. ---------------------- Follow us on: Twitter @JackEllisArt Instagram @jackthejackrabbit


A Good Year so far! November 25th, 2018, 1:31 pm
For everyone who has come to visit our page and read the comic to where it currently is, the team here wants to give the biggest of thanks!

We had restarted our journey of comic making this last summer to make sure we could deliver a truer experience of Boys Land. Bigger moments, better pacing and show you the true vision for our story.

For those of you who have come back to read our new version of the story, we thank you for sticking with us and catching up.

Look forward to the start of Marikori Cove 01/05/19

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